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Gadgets That Are Helpful And Affordable

Many of the products you buy like car parts and phone accessories keep costing you to maintain long after the initial purchase. But other items actually pay for themselves by saving you money in the long run.

There are plenty of low tech gadgets that are inexpensive and are helpful for daily use.Some of them are unknown to most people and they are desperate to have them when get awareness about them.

Here are some useful and affordable products that everyone must have with them.

Fruit Slicer

Buying pre sliced fruits from the supermarket is expensive. Do you know that there is a gadget available in the market that makes it easy for you to have the pineapple slices in no time? Rather than investing so much money on sliced fruits you can buy a fruit slicer. It costs around $9.99 and is cheaper than buying three sliced pineapples a day.It is easy to use and requires little effort.

Vegetable Cutter

The next gadget on our list is a vegetable cutter. You can cut all the vegetables in one time. you don’t need to know the newton`s laws to use this cutter. It’s a simple basket with gaps in between. Place the basket on top of the vegetables and use a knife to cut through the gaps. After removing it you will see all the vegetables cut finely. It is very relaxing and saves time plus all the vegetables are sliced evenly.

A Luggage Scale or Armrest Splitter

Going over weight can cost you a great amount of money. If you have a luggage scale, you can save your over weight luggage fees.Every airlinehas its own overweight charge ratio. You might be able to afford domestic charges but if you are traveling internationally, the charges will surely going to hurt your budget. Instead of paying for over charge you can buy a luggage scale to check the luggage weight before you leave for the airport. It is an affordable gadget and very useful if you are an international traveler. Other than luggage weight measurement, the armrest splitter can be used to measure the weight of the scrap you wish to sell to the scrapper.

Self-filtering Water Bottle

According to a research, Americans use around 167 water bottles each year.Instead of buying branded water bottles, you can invest on a self-filtering water bottle. It will cost you less than buying a mineral water bottle the whole year.You spend around $25 per year just on water. Pick up a $8 filtration water bottle that can replace 300 bottles on one filter.It can be used for around for two tears and the money you will be saving these two years is enough to buy a new filter for the bottle.

Dimmable Lights

Dimming lights can set a nice mood in your house and save you a lot of cash. If you dim the lights half, you’d reduce the energy use of an incandescent bulb by 40% and save as much as $30 annually on your electricity bill. This gadget is helpful and affordable, you can have them through Http://  and use discount coupons to avail discounts on the selected product.

Rechargeable Battery

Batteries are the most important part of our life. They are an alternate source of energy and many things require them to function. If you have kids you should be aware about your spending on them.Instead of buying a battery that has limited life, you can buy rechargeable batteries. They will cost you more nut if you are thinking on long terms; they will save a major part of your salary.

If you keep your mind open while purchasing things, you can save as much money you want. Expenses are increasing day by day and you should be ready to tackle expenses of this sort.

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