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Five ways to make Guerilla Marketing work for your Business

The main purpose of all businesses is to sell their products. For marketers who want to achieve their goals with small budgets “Guerilla Marketing” is the best way out for them. Guerilla marketing has a strong appeal that has a high impact strategy on low investments. However, this marketing campaign requires strong imagination. If you are creative and can think out of the box then you should definitely imply this strategy to sell your products.

Guerilla marketing for a service in Dubai has left a great impact on the markets for several years and in the long run. The expertise in the campaign make sure they grab maximum attention from the viewers which accelerates the sales to the optimum. Here are five tips for creating low investment and explicit guerilla marketing campaigns.

Have a smart approach

The smarter your campaign is, the more memorable it will be. People believe what they see, so make sure you work on the “memory retention” approach that lies with in every individual. For instance, if you have a wrap aluminum foil business then you can simply put up what looks like their standard packaging on the store’s front gate and the gate will now look like a larger version of aluminum foil roll. Smart enough. Isn’t it?

You can discover these new things by expanding your imagination and thinking out of the box. So have a smarter approach when you are running a guerilla marketing campaign.

Make it effective

You can do guerilla marketing effectively by enlisting unknowing participants. Let’s suppose you want to advertise for a bank, you can simply place a huge picture on a mall’s floor with a cash counter painted at one end, the shoppers walking across would look like people standing in the line waiting for their turn. Moreover, you can add a good tagline with it to make it more impactful.

From the top it would give the impact of a perfect banking experience and people would definitely take an extra moment to stare at this.

Opt for free giveaways

People fall for things which are given away for free. This giveaway technique is the most engaging guerilla marketing campaigns. Recently, Coca-Cola turned their vending machine into a “Happiness Machine.” The consumers who used the machine were given free bottles of Coke to share with their friends and family.

The giveaway technique of the Coca-Cola turned out successful and generated maximum sales for the brand. So thinking about the giveaway strategy is also helpful for your businesses while carrying out guerilla marketing campaigns.

Be interactive

Be interactive with the consumers, you should be able to communicate your brand personality with the consumers very well. The question arises, how? Well, there are numerous ways to be interactive while conducting a guerilla marketing campaign.

For example, you are launching a new train that has is as fast as a bullet. You can place a door handles in the shape of bullets which communicates the fastest speed of the new train.

Make it precise

When you are running a guerilla marketing campaign, don’t always focus on the monotonous ideas used by other brands. You can make something of your own and implement it and it could be as simple as using a well-known logo only.

For instance you are consulting with a creative online banner advertising companies in UAE and you want to advertise a detergent that cleans all the dirt, you can paint one cross-walk line neatly without any dirt on it while the others remain the way they are along with the detergent’s logo painted on the side. This way your message is being conveyed easily to the viewers and they will definitely opt for your detergent for this thought provoking message.

Final Words

If you have a limited budget and a creative mind then you really need to take cue from these five guerilla marketing examples above. It has a fair chance to increase your sales and step up your marketing techniques.

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