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Five good reasons to use mPOS solutions

Mobile point-of-sale devices have been part of the sales solutions market for some time. With the ability to provide checkout services anywhere in the store, these mPOS systems make staff more productive and can ease the hassle of checkout queues for customers. However, for many retailers, this “must-have” technology is still a just on their wish lists. The main reason being, they are unsure of the real potential of this adaptable system.

Reasons to make mPOS your best system


With customers no longer willing to stand to wait in queues to pay for their goods, the mPOS systems are the ideal thing. Customers want to be able to find and pay for their goods without waiting in long checkout queues, and with a mPOS solution, retailers can have their staff accept the payments in the aisles, at temporary checkouts set up around the store, and even outside the store itself, in the case of sidewalk displays or mall stands. Moreover, for those retailers who attend craft shows, farmer’s markets, and other outside events, the mPOS solutions are an ideal opportunity to securely process credit card transactions that could not be done before without an entire, bulky checkout system on site.

Access to information

As more customers use their smartphones to make payments using mobile wallets, the use of mPOS systems allows the mobile checkout staff to access the same information as normal checkout staff, in the aisles around the store, helping to provide all the information the customer needs at the point of decision. more than 90 percent of surveyed shoppers say that they look at items on their smartphones first, before heading to the retails stores to buy. 54 percent look for price comparisons, 48 percent look at product information available, and 42 percent check out the product reviews of other buyers. With mPOS, the staff can do all of this with the customers, and aid them in their decision making, to increase sales and improve customer service.

Endless aisle capability

In today’s world of consumer demand, customers want their items now, and if it is not available in the store when they are looking, they go elsewhere. With a mPOS system, your staff can check the availability of an item and prevent customers going to your competitors by using the endless aisle ability of the mPOS to find the item in one of your other stores, or on your e-commerce store. Customers can shop through the endless aisles, and you can arrange delivery to their home at their specified time and date, or arrange in-store pick up at the location of the store with the items.

Space saving

Every stationary checkout takes up room that could be put to better use by increasing your sales area with more stock items. Every inch of floor space is essential in running a retail business, and using a mPOS system means that stationary checkouts can be a thing of the past. No more bulky tech equipment that does not fit the ergonomic look of your sleekly designed store and very minimal counter space is required. mPOS paves the way for a much more attractive look in-store and leaves you more room on counters to display merchandise that is ideal for last-minute purchases.

Support for great customer experiences

In the modern world, retail sales are all about customer service and customer experience. You want to give your customers the best possible retail experience so that they will keep coming back. Customers demand excellent quality service, and with the mPOS solutions, you can give them that. mPOS allows you to offer efficient customer service, access to a huge range of merchandise both in-store and online, flexible payments and options, and an increased level of customer engagement to better promote business and products.

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