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Features of MS Word 2016

MS Word is the most widely used application of Microsoft Office. Along with MS Word, you can easily type whatever is needed to be written. In this regard, MS word is a great tool because it will allow you to write down the words for your offices, for your university assignment and to perform other this regard MS word is also trying to introduce some new features with its every update. If you will download MS office 2016 free download full version then it will give you so many new features. Some of the new features of MS word are given below:

1.    Latex version

If you are the user of MS word then here is good news for you. Along with MS word now you will be able to write down the mathematics and all related equations. You can easily design your mathematics assignments or to write down some lectures. Because you are totally free to use this option with the Latex version. This will give you the best assistance that can increase your experience of using.

2.    Learning Tool

If you are the beginner to the MS Word or you are new to English writing in the MS word then here is the best thing for you. You can easily learn with the learning tool and it will also allow you to edit in order to make your mistakes right. That will be fruitful for you if you will learn properly and by learning your efficiency will also be improved. That is really great and it will give you a new zeal for working.

3.    Audio assistance

In MS Word, you can also find the audio assistance. If you will turn on the audio notification then it will notify you whenever there will be something to be notified. You can take action and you can get aware of what are you doing. This will give you a new charm of working and will not let you get bored. So now you can write down for long and the longer period of time.

4.    3D mode

In the MS word, one of the most astounding factors is the 3d effect. Now you can do the 3d editing for your projects and for preparing your lectures in the MS word easily. Moreover, if you will use it for adding something or to adjust the animations then also it can give you best performance. The 3d mode will give you best features that will add value in your working.

MS word has been improved to a maximum extent along with the new release of office 2016. If you will use the MS word you will also find many other features that will make the editing possible for you. You can now write down projects and write down new assignments. If you will work in the MS word you will be habitual of working in it. It has the nicest UI that can grab your attention for sure. So enjoy working with MS word.

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