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Effective Brand Ambassador for Your Business

According to a research done by the Keller Fay Group, out of the selected brands with ambassadors, only 8% of brand conversions are negative and 66% are positive. This means that with brand ambassadors, you will be able to turn people into potential customers. This will, of course, depend on the effectiveness of the brand ambassador that you have.

Choosing a brand ambassador for your business is a very crucial process. It demands critical decision making. After all, it can either boost or stain your brand’s image. With the right marketing strategy, you will be able to choose an effective brand ambassador that will help increase your brand’s visibility, awareness, and sales. The SMC Group Global CEO Maurice Hamilton shares 5 useful tips on choosing an effective brand ambassador for your business:

  1. Find a brand ambassador that believes in your brand.

The most vital thing that you must look for in a brand ambassador is his/her genuine support in your brand. You should choose someone who believes in your brand, not just someone who promotes your brand for a quick buck. A good brand ambassador must communicate sincerely and consistently. Your customers will eventually see the natural relationship built between your brand and its ambassador.

  1. Your brand ambassador must be friendly and approachable.

Your brand ambassador is the one who will be the representative of your business. The ambassador will be the one to influence the perception of people into investing in your brand’s products and services. Basically, a brand ambassador will be the public face of your brand. It is, therefore, essential that you choose someone who is friendly and approachable for your customers.

  1. Choose a brand ambassador who can connect with your target audience.

Brand ambassadors add personality to a brand. Your brand ambassador must have the kind of personality that can connect with your target audience. Don’t make a mistake of hiring a brand ambassador who speaks Spanish to promote a brand for an Arabic audience.

  1. Avoid hiring a brand ambassador from other brands.

Hiring someone who has been endorsing several other brands will create confusion among your customers. This will result in a reduced brand image. Don’t get tricked by choosing a famous face. You must choose someone who actually looks good with your brand. To whether or not a chosen brand ambassador will actually do your company good, you can ask advice from experts like branding agency San Francisco.

  1. Make sure to set up a contract.

After finally choosing a brand ambassador, make sure to set up a contract as you enter the agreement to ensure the agreed terms within the contract. This will include the payment terms, agreed deliveries, and contract time period.

The written document of the contract must outline the business relationship and the scope of work of both parties. This is to protect both parties from any misunderstandings in the future.


Brand ambassadors are important in every business. In fact, a research by PeopleMetrics Alum reveals just that. Accordingly, brand ambassadors endear customers and grow a brand’s customer engagement, conversion and sales.


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