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Discover the Top Uses for Tracking Locations with a Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth and GPS tracking technology have improved in recent years, providing more accurate tracking and additional features. The following uses are examples of the top reasons to start using a tracker.

Track Your Valuable Items

GPS and Bluetooth trackers are small devices that you can easily attach to keychains and valuable items. This helps ensure that you never lose these items again. By attaching the tracker to your keychain, you can always locate your keys.

Trackers are also small enough to fit inside a laptop case. If your laptop gets stolen, you can use the tracking device to determine the location. Besides a laptop case, you can place the tracker inside a handbag, purse, or wallet.

These devices often rely on a mobile app that you access via your phone or tablet to view GPS data. This also allows you to use the tracker to find phones or tablets that contain the mobile app. Pressing the tracker sends an alert to the phone, helping you find its location.

Monitor Your Children

Tracking devices are also often used by parents who want to keep better track of their children. The tracker can be placed in a backpack or attached to a bracelet to monitor your child’s location.

Trackers give you peace of mind when visiting a busy public space, such as a shopping mall or amusement park. If your child wanders off, you can track his or her location on your phone.

These same benefits can be applied to your dog or cat. Attach a tracker to the collar to monitor your pet’s location and track it if it runs away.

Set a GPS Perimeter

When using a tracker to monitor your pets or children, you can also set a safe perimeter. The perimeter can cover a 50-meter area that you define. If your pet or child leaves this area, an alert is sent to your phone. This same feature can be used for your keys or phone, providing you with an alert if you leave home or work without these items.

Improve Your Security

Devices such as the Blaqwolf Bluetooth Tracker also come equipped with an SOS emergency feature. With this option, the tracking device is linked to emergency services and contacts. When an emergency occurs, you simply press a button to activate the SOS feature.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Many of these devices provide real-time GPS tracking. This allows you to view the current location of the tracker and continue monitoring its location. If the device is not within range, you will still receive the coordinates for the last known location.

Why should you use a Bluetooth tracker? With a small, compact device, you can keep track of valuable items, pets, and kids and improve your personal security. These devices offer a cost-effective solution to help you keep track of things.

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