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AidaForm Online Form Builder Review

Are you trying to create a simple ‘Contact Us’ form for a website? Maybe you need a sign-up form for a newsletter or a form for an in-depth survey?

As you can see there are numerous ways in which online forms can prove useful, but creating them can be tricky. While you can find HTML code for basic forms that you can copy and paste, customizing them to suit your needs will be difficult.

A Simple Way to Create Online Forms

Rather than tying yourself in knots trying to learn HTML to customize or code an online form for scratch – AidaForm provides a much easier alternative. It will let you quickly and easily create online forms of any kind, and customize their structure and design according to your needs.

With the visual form builder in AidaForm, creating the form you need is as easy as dragging blocks containing the elements that you need into place. Once it is structured, you can customize its design as well.

 Simply put in just a short while you could create any type of form for sign-ups, processing orders and payments, surveys, customer feedback, and more. Creating the form will just take a few minutes using AidaForm, and you can then publish it on your website or share it on social media when you’re done.

Because you’re able to create online forms so easily, you can start to explore a variety of different ways in which you can use them not only for sign-ups or feedback, but also market research, surveys, contests, and more. Suffice to say AidaForm will be able to create forms for any situation that is required.

Powerful Features

Within AidaForm are numerous features that will help you to create, share, and analyze the responses from online forms. Some of its features will let you:

  • Quickly create online forms by choosing a template, or fully customize its structure by adding blocks with a variety of different fields.
  • Add a wide range of fields including drop-down lists, multiple choice questions, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, file uploads, and more.
  • Stylize forms using themes that can be customized further so that they fit your web design perfectly.
  • Publish the form quickly by copying and pasting the automatically generated code to add the form to website, or linking to it directly on social media.
  • Analyze the data gathered via forms conveniently using the visualizations on the web interface, or export it to Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Take advantage of built-in integrations with Zapier, MailChimp, and Paypal to expand how you use your online forms.

Based on the features listed above it should be clear that AidaForm will pretty much let you create any type of form and fully customize its structure and appearance to suit your needs. Not only will this provide you with numerous opportunities, but it will also help to ensure that your forms are well-structured and stand out – so they will be able to more effectively gather responses from users.

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