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A guide on Vidmate

Vidmate is an application used to download videos and songs from various sources available on the Internet. Every time someone wants to download a certain song, they can open this application on their phones and use it to get high quality downloads from various internet sites. It does so in a very little amount of time and ensures that the resolution of the files is good. It gives a wide range of selections from various platforms including YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook etc.

What are its features?

Vidmate offers a variety of options regarding the quality of the video that is being downloaded on a device. The user can choose any quality and watch the video even in HD when internet connectivity is not available. The quality is dependant on the phone memory and if the phone does not have much space, it downloads the videos in low quality according to it. It is not just useful in downloading videos, but also numerous songs. The user has to search for the desired results by typing the name of the song or video and they will be showcased from over 20 different platforms. The app also has the feature of downloading apps and games on the android device within the app itself.

Why Vidmate is likeable app?

Vidmate is a strong competitor to other audio and video file converters. It allows unlimited downloads and does not have any limit or restrictions on the number of downloads. It is also free of cost due to which one can use this good quality app without spending any money. There is no need to use a third- party app for conversion of audio or video links as vidmate does it in the matter of a few seconds. It ensures that the file is downloaded in good quality. One of the best features of this app is that users can convert their downloaded files from MP3 to MP4. Another big quality of this app is that users donot need to worry about distortion in the quality of the downloads. Download time is less and is carried out fast. The app is compatible with all android phones and does not contain malwares like viruses. Hence it is safe to download on an android device and does not pose any threat to it.

How to get Vidmate?

Vidmate is not just available as an android app but also as a website. One can download it from the play store and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the app itself. It has a large range of sites that are supported by the app which include gaming, online steaming as well as social media sites. With the help of these, a large number of video and audio files can be saved on the device just by using this one app which has sources to them all. The app version compared to the one on a laptop would differ due to the space and viewing differences but both run smoothly and help to provide an optimum experience to the user.

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