Webinars provide a cost-effective source for connecting with your potential customers. They are a great way for interacting with your target audience. Every content marketing agency knows the value of webinars for broadcasting your products or services. Yet it is often the most ignored content marketing strategies and known to few. Webinars, if done with the proper strategy can make a great difference for any business. They are one of the top content marketing strategies that can organically source links to your website. But very few companies host live interactive webinars with their target audience and fail to achieve successful results.

Creative Content, a leading content marketing agency in Auckland, shares some of the lesser known tips for setting up a successful webinar program for your company.

Focused Topic

Instead of giving a webinar on a generic topic focus on a singular topic that can grab your audience attention. Your topic should unveil some facts and figures that your audience can relate to and who can derive their benefit from it. An example topic can be customer engagement for social media marketing, instead of just a plan social media marketing topic.

Choose the best type of Webinar 

An experienced professional from a content marketing agency would tell you that most companies who lose their webinar audience are mainly due to there webinar of choice. Choosing the right genre can make a whole lot different on many levels. Webinars are basically classified into four main types:

  1. Interview Webinars

            Interview webinars can entice a lot of attention from your target audience. Connect with an industry expert and invite him for an interview over Skype or other live video sharing app. Share the topic, questions with him a couple of weeks before the webinar and let him prepare the answers. Ask a leading content marketing agency near you about hosting an interesting Interview Webinar.

  1. Q&A Webinars

            Similar to an interview webinar but giving the audience a chance to ask questions from the expert. This kind of webinar is more engaging where your audience can derive the best possible benefit from an expert. Ask your local content marketing agency how you can host a  Q&A webinar in a most effective way.

  1. Expert Discussion Webinars

            Another popular form of webinars is a panel discussion of industry experts. These experts can give a commentary on a subject or discuss a subject matter giving the audience a chance to explore their views and knowledge base. Ask an experienced content marketing agency for hosting such a webinar to boost your user base.

  1. Presentation Webinars

            A presentation webinar is the most popular format, giving a detailed commentary on a given product or service. It has a Q&A session in the end to answer queries that arise during the presentation.

Structure is the Key

            As far as the structure of a webinar is related, it should be well defined and seamless in the flow. A typical structure of a webinar consists of a preface, the body and a call to action and a closing section where you give a sneak peek to your company or product and share your contact details.

Compelling Script

            A good webinar is incomplete without a compelling script. The more succinct and simple the script is the better. Don’t overstate and be clear in conveying the message to your audience. Avoid verbose content which can confuse the viewers.

Presentation Matters

            Last but not the least, presentation matter. The slides need not be crammed with textual content instead visual elements are the key to grab attention. A picture speaks a thousand words, use visual elements where necessary.

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