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5 Things You Must Know About Coming Soon Pages

Building a website is not limited to its design but there is a need for content to broadcast your online business. A lot of individuals have the misconception that they need such sites to promote their businesses. However, it is not the correct answer because you can generate a lot of buzz about your business by creating a coming soon page.

With an effective page, you can engage the visitors by making aware of your online presence. In this context, you must know the right mix of elements to make your coming soon page powerful enough such that your visitors will become your clients in the upcoming days. Even this method is used during maintenance work to inform the targeted audience.

Let’s find out the ways of how to use coming soon plugins effectively-

  • Use a Countdown Timer

Set a launch date and let the users know about it. With this approach, you can keep an eye on the targeted audience. You must keep in mind that the launch date and time are accurate. In this way, coming soon page helps the owner in building their reputation online far before its launch.

  • Promote Social Media Accounts

To make the things practical, you must share the details of your social media accounts and promote it. You can also create an event or offer the visitors a free e-book related to your business when they follow your accounts on Twitter and Facebook. So, choose a reliable WordPress plugin from the list of many.

  • Use Engaging Theme

Needless to say, the theme of the WordPress plays an important role in engaging the visitors. It must be soothing to the eyes. The best thing is that you can find a lot of themes in the features of coming soon plugin. So, add them confidently and improve your online presence. Other than this, you might have to do WordPress reset for it.

  • Provide Interesting Fact

Whatever fact you provide in the coming soon page, it must be related to your business. You must make sure that it reflects the brand and promote it in other ways. With this approach, you can help your business to build recognition early in the online market.

  • Connect with Your Users

You should not leave your targeted audience apart when you have planned on coming soon page. It is important to hold the hands of early visitors and explain the purpose of your site by using the contact form. It is an effective and direct way of sending them details and getting contacted by them at the time of launch. Some individuals also prefer newsletter and keep the visitors up to date. Not to mention, this might impress your audience.


Hopefully, you have understood the ways of getting in touch with the targeted audience even before your website gets launched. However, there is a con when it comes to the use of coming soon pages i.e., you have to pay for pro versions. In case you want to save your money and use it for other purposes, you can go with free versions.

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