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5 Surprising Advantages in Using an Electric Vehicle

Electric cars have been making headlines lately. Just recently, major car manufacturers have announced that every car they launched from 2019 will have an electric motor, and some countries are Europe dedicate to a road free of petrol and diesel by 2040.

However, most of the average people like us, do not own electric cars. But now is the time to start thinking about the pros and cons of electric vehicles.

No fuel, no emissions

This is the main factor that attracts many people to electric cars if you intend to decrease your impact on the environment, then an electronic vehicle (EV) is the solution moving forward. The electric engine within an EV operates on a closed circuit, so an electric car does not emit any of the gases that often causes global warming. Because it is electronic, no petrol or diesel is needed in a fully electric vehicle, which is great for carbon footprint reduction.

Running costs

Another good thing is that you can save a lot of money compared to using ordinary vehicles where you spend paying for petrol or diesel to keep it running. By comparison, using an electric vehicle, you can save a lot of money in just a year with the bonus of the electricity going into the EV being 100% renewable.

Low maintenance

Cars need TLS now and then, ad patrols and types of diesel are no exception. These cars require expensive engine maintenance over their lifetimes, while EV doesn’t. This is because, in a traditional combustion engine, there are hundreds of moving parts that can potentially go wrong, whereas an electric motor has fewer than 20. What this means, is that your EV is likely to have a lower long term maintenance cost compared to other vehicles.


The fun part of getting and owning a car is the fun that you will have in getting out on the roads and putting it to work. A few years ago, electric vehicles do not have the sleekest image and the majority of them had a low expectation as to how well an electric car can perform versus traditional engines.

Because more manufacturers are piling up into the market with their take on the electric vehicle, the performance levels of EVs has risen as well/ Electric cars tend to be more light, as all of their power is generated from a standing start. Certain brands like Tesla, have dedicated their resources to improve people’s perception of electric vehicles. Currently, they have the Tesla Model S as one of the fastest-accelerating cars on the market.

Most of the fun of owning a car comes from getting out on the roads and putting it to work. Many electric vehicles are also spacious than conventional cars due to the lack of a large engine, plus they have a smoother drive with lower levels of noise which is perfect as a family-friendly vehicle. To learn more about electric cars, click here.



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