5 Prototyping Tools You Should Know Before Your Next Website Design Project

Prototyping is undoubtedly the most integral part of any sort of project. It involves ideating and sketching of a proposed design on a piece of paper or whiteboard. Times have changed and we have not interactive, flexible and more powerful tools and apps available on the internet. Some may be free others are to be purchased, but all in all the art of prototyping has become a whole new experience. At Business website group, a leading website design Auckland agency we believe designers have now more powerful and helpful tools available than ever before.

At BWG, an experienced and professional Web Design Auckland agency that specializes in latest website design and development trends, we believe initiating your project design should begin with excellent prototyping. That is why we are sharing 5 of our favorite tools that we deem good for a website or a mobile application prototyping.


UXPin is thought to be the most advanced prototyping tool to date. A full-stack UX design platform it provides an agile user experience environment in one place. From prototyping to system designs it renders an extensive and flexible application design studio that can take a project from concept to reality. Consult your local Web design Auckland agency for more information and helpful ideas as to which prototyping tool suits you the best.


As the competition among prototyping makers continues we see tools like Marvel. A more simplistic approach towards prototyping. It is most helpful for beginners who want to start with prototyping for their website or mobile app project. Marvel is popular among the student’s community for being a helpful tool in their first projects.

Origami Studio

A Facebook company, an iOs application to try and test your ideas on mobile devices without learning to code. Exclusively used by Facebook designers and developers for prototyping, Origami Studio is a Mac-only application that makes ideating and prototyping projects easier. Download for free if you are a Mac user.

Among the top list is, and advanced and complex application for creating user experience for almost all devices. From web to mobile app to watches and games. A familiar drag-and-drop interface to help users create a seamless application from concept to a real-world solution. The app is mainly built for designers and animators to help them in their design workflow. Most website design Auckland agencies are using proto in their website design workflow.

Adobe XD

Last but not the least of the list is design industry giant very own Adobe XD. Still in its early stages but looking very promising to become an integral part of designers toolkit. It’s one of Adobe’s Free tools that can be downloaded as a stand-alone application. XD is the perfect app for both a novice and experienced designers, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps, and much more.

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