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5 Apps for the Perfectionist in You

As a perfectionist, even mundane tasks can become burdensome. Obsessing with details on every little task, yet somehow getting distracted because you want to do everything all at once. Even if you aren’t the full perfectionist, here are 5 apps that will help and satisfy the inner perfectionist in you.

1. BILT app
This super innovative app is THE alternative to crappy printed instructions that come with everything you buy nowadays. Say goodbye to never knowing what tool to use, or how many parts you should have, or wondering how to fit that piece into your current assembling nightmare. With an interactive 360° display, you can zoom in and out at different angles and see exactly where and how to put everything together, step by step. BILT also has audio guided instructions that can help those who can’t see as well, or those who just don’t have enough hands to hold up instructions, a screw, screwdriver, and flashlight, along with the awkwardly shaped piece you’re trying to fit into place. Overall, extremely useful, and makes putting that new piece of furniture together a breeze.

2. Trello

From a personal to-do list for the day, or collaborating on multiple group projects at work, Trello makes your life easier with an easy-to-use and eye pleasing display. Trello makes tasks at home, work, school, PTA, and any other project, easy to keep track of and organizable. It makes focusing on tasks at all stages of completion simple, with a satisfying click-and-drag system that helps you put order back into your life.
3. BrightNest

For homeowner DIY perfectionists, this app has countless guides, tips, tricks, articles, and walk throughs about everything from inspecting your own roof to repairing chipped mugs. With a fun color coordinated layout and functional search bar, it’s easy to find some help for an urgent repair or just fun ideas on re-decorating. This easy to use app allows you to do countless inspections, easy repairs, and home improvement projects by yourself, saving you some money.

4. Mint

For a perfectionist’s budgeting needs, look no further than Mint. Although it’s not a relatively new app, Mint got a sleek new update making it a lot more user friendly. Mint allows you to create your own personal budget based off what you earn, and what you allow yourself to spend in certain areas, and shows you how much over or under budget you are in any area at any time. The app is very organized and easy to navigate with a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, and uses graphics well to help the user also visually understand their budgeting. Mint is also very secure with all private banking and transactions information put into the app, giving you one less thing to worry about.
5. Streaks

SStreaks is an iOS app that is compatible with the Apple Watch that helps you make and keep a personalized to-do list that help form good habits. Many times, it can be hard during a busy day to keep all the self-improvement we make for ourselves, and streaks helps remind and show you your progress throughout the day. From walking the dog, to doing 30 crunches, or practicing guitar, Streaks is a good way to start improving yourself in a fun, easy, and self-rewarding way

Honorable Mention
Although they don’t have an app, allows you to connect apps to your account (apps like Swarm, Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Health, and many more).
Then you get paid for doing healthy activities. How’s that for incentive to workout?
Carson is a student at Brigham Young University

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